Narrative session: User Stories

In order to start the day and give context to the discussions of the panels, three people will tell us their experience with a platform. We will hear their story on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Deliveroo…

The contributions will take the format of a short talk or a show-&-tell demonstration.

We’re looking forward to the stories from

  • Eduardo Carillo (TEDIC, Paraguay) – The dangers of loving online: finding our similars in a surveilled world. Eduardo will talk about the double edge relationship that LGTBQ+ groups have with dating platforms. They have undoubtedly provided safe spaces for the LGTBQ+ community to meet, but, at what cost?
  • Ana Pop Stefanija¬†– Hey algorithms, show me my data selfie! Ana will investigate how she is being datafied by platforms, what kind of (private) data they collect about her, how they collect it, what 3rd parties are they sharing the data with, and finally, what is the assumed “algorithmic identity” & “database of intentions” they assign to her.
  • Jean-Bernard Robillard – Delivery riders. Challenges faced by “riders” of platforms, like Deliveroo, Uber etc.

See full program here.